Monthly Archives: August 2016

Halloween Costumes!

Every year around Halloween we are amazed by the creativity of our customers. From Chicken suits to trains, decks of cards to minions, our custom cutting team is ready to help make your dream costume a reality. Awesome costume made using some custom cut foam here at The Foam Shop - Nanaimo! #costume #halloween #thefoamshop [...]

Someone is going to sleep well tonight!

It is always an exciting purchase when you treat yourself to a more comfortable sleep at The Foam Shop. Even more so when you realize you can revive your current mattress and make it feel brand new again! Enjoy the new sleep! When you sleep on a 3" Cloud 3 memory foam topper from The [...]

New Sofa Cushions in Nanaimo

These worn down sofa cushions we given a brand new life today in our Nanaimo Foam Shop - and don't they look good! Someone's about to Get Comfortable with a new custom cut Royal Extra Firm sofa cushion here at The Foam Shop Nanaimo! #royal #extrafirm #sofa #thefoamshop #cushion #nanaimo #local #vancouver #custom #getcomfortable A [...]

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