Partnering with The Foam Shop,  we have access to the most comfortable and durable foams around.   When it comes to foam and comfort, we know our stuff – we’ve been doing this for over 40 years.

We use firmer support in the base folding units, and softer comfort in the layers on top. Each of the 10+ play pieces are crafted with the weight, comfort and support fine tuned for your little ones.

Densities range between 2.0lb and 1.2lb depending on the play piece
ILD ranges from 36-40

  • Locally made foam for 40+ years
  • Strong and supportive
  • Comfy and cozy

As parents, nothing brings us more peace of mind than seeing our kids playing safely. Rest assured the Creative Couch team takes this as seriously as you do, because we are parents, too.

Our Covers are free of all additives including FRs & lead. Our foam is Canadian made and held to the highest of safety standards.

  • No chemical additives
  • Canadian-made foam
  • Soft and safe playtime

The Creative Couch’s covers are a point of pride for us – use a comfortable, soft, and super durable weave that actively repels liquid! Even more impressive than that, is the (lack of) maintenance.

The covers are designed to be cleaned right on the foam – so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of unzipping and re-stuffing  your foam cushions. Do not put your covers through the laundry machine – simply shake, wipe, or dustbust clean.

  • Stain Protection
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Vacuum friendly


During the checkout process there is an option to select which store you would like to pickup your order.   The best part, this option is free!

Our goal has always been to have the Creative Couch in stock and ready to go for our customers.   No backorders, no preorders, no 3-4 month wait time for your purchase.  We are still working on fine tuning that process, but we are proud to say that our average order turnaround is between 1 and 3 weeks, and getting shorter every week.

We stock all of our fabrics and foam in house so we don’t have to delay your order due to a backorder on materials.

Safe, co-operative, active, & creative – there is no better way to play.

Castles will be defended, unicorns will fly, and robots will come to life during playtime with the Creative Couch – all while learning how to lift, balance, build, share space, work together in a soft and safe environment.

Check out how the Creative Couch is bringing back creative play in a big way.