Who is Covered:

This warranty may be enforced only by the first consumer purchaser and is not transferable.

What is Covered:

1. This Warranty covers all Mattresses;

  • a) that contains a foam or latex core of at least 6” thick, and
    b) was purchased with a cover, and
    c) where proper care of the mattress has been provided by the customer, and
    d) is listed on the chart below

2. This Warranty covers all Toppers;

  • a) that contains a foam core of at least 2” thick, and was purchased with a cover, and
    b) where proper care of the Topper has been provided by the customer, and
    c) is listed on the chart below.

3. The warranty will apply if The Foam Shop® finds your mattress or topper;

  • a) Contains defective material or workmanship (excluding the fabric cover) or,
    b) Has support failure (a measurement of standing height loss greater than 1” in every sleeping area and on both sides).

4. The Foam Shop® reserves the right to substitute materials of equal to or higher quality if original materials are not available at the time of the warranty claim.

What is Not Covered

1. The warranty is null and void if the deterioration is caused by

  • a) Incorrect use, soiling, mildew, neglect, unauthorized alterations or improper storage, or
    b) Fire, flood, lightning, act of God or other events beyond the control of The Foam Shop®, or
    c) Inadequate support of the bed frame or base, or
    d) Failure to frequently turn the mattress or topper.

2. Body impressions and softening are natural occurrences; not defects. They indicate the support cells are conforming to your body’s individual contours. Body impressions are considered normal wear and tear and are not defects. Factors which affect body impressions include firmness of mattress, weight and/or size of user, the amount of time used and care of unit.

3) The Fabric cover is not covered by this warranty.

4) Inspections at the customer’s home to determine warranty claims are not included.

5) Payment of shipping and related charges incurred to and from The Foam Shop®’s factory for warranty purposes is the sole responsibility of the owner.

6) In no case shall The Foam Shop be liable for any consequential or incidental damages for breach of this or any other warranty expressed or implied whatsoever, even if the loss or damage is caused by the company’s negligence or fault.

Proper Care of your Mattress and Topper:

1) The Foam Shop® mattress is to be placed on a sturdy slatted posture base to provide proper support and ventilation.

2) The Foam Shop® mattress and topper are to be turned frequently to ensure even wear, (side to side every 3 months, flipped every 6 months).*

3) The mattress and topper must be protected with a proper mattress protector to prevent soiling.

4) The mattress and topper must be kept and/or stored in a clean, dry environment.

*Note: No-Flip mattresses do not require flipping, only side to side turns.