care-cushionsWhen you purchase The Foam Shop®’s high-quality cushions you want them to be comfortable and last a long time. We do too, which is why we spend so much time and effort on quality control for our products. It’s also why we offer you the following tips on how to extend the life and comfort of your cushions:

Use a proper foundation – the foundation for your cushions is just as important as it is for your mattress. A sagging foundation can dramatically change the feel and, in extreme cases, the durability of your cushion.

Rotate your cushions regularly – proper cushion rotation can easily double the life expectancy of your cushions. Rotating and flipping them regularly allows for even wear and extends the life of your foam and fabric. Most people have a favorite place to sit, even when there are multiple cushions available, so rotating your cushions will give you a new burst of comfort and even wear across all your cushions.

TIP: If you’re creating a new seating area, consider making multiple cushions as opposed to one long cushion. Not only does it enable you to extend the life of your purchase by rotating cushions, but it also protects you against major spills: if one of a few cushions needs replacing, the cost is significantly less than if you have one very long cushion.

Clean your cushions regularly

Many upholstered cushions and furniture pieces today come in a sealed cover, making cleaning difficult. At The Foam Shop®, every cushion cover comes with zippered access to the foam inside, providing an advantage when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the look of your investment.

For regular wear and tear, dust or minimal dirt, we recommend you vacuum clean the cushions annually. In the case of a spill or stubborn stain, you should unzip the cushion cover and wash it according to manufacturers recommendations, as you don’t want to shrink the cover. If you are uncertain, dry-cleaning is the safest option.

Bigger spills require other solutions

In the case of a foam cushion absorbing a spill of some kind, you’ve got a couple of potential solutions. If the spill is light and remains near the surface, absorb and wash the foam with a damp cloth. Vacuuming the surface of the foam may also help bring the moisture to the top of the foam, where it can be absorbed.

If the spill penetrates through to the center of the cushion, it can be extremely difficult to access or clean. In this case, and depending on what was spilled, you may have to consider replacing the cushion. While there have been some customer success stories when attempting to “wash out” a spill with clean water, the most common result is a failure to fully dry the foam afterwards, resulting in moisture build up in the core and mould beginning to form.