The Creative Couch is a fully customizable play experience for kids – it can be whatever they can imagine! A castle, a house, a boat or just a comfy place to relax and read a book.  The Creative Couch is available in a single unit, a double unit, or order our signature 10 piece Creative Couch for maximum play.  Additional play pieces are available with more designs to come in the new year. The Creative Couch is available in limited quantities for pickup before Christmas

Comprised of 10 pieces the Creative Couch is a step above the rest. The base is made up of 4 bifold pieces with 2 different heights for maximum creative play. The Creative Couch can be set up as pictured to measure 30″ x 80″ or turned to measure 40″ x 60″ for smaller spaces. With a split base the Creative Couch can even be separated up into 2 sitting areas.

All of our foam & covers are shaped and stitched in house by our team of talented comfort experts & seamstresses in Burnaby, BC.

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A Message From Our General Manager:

A huge thank you to everyone for the tremendous amount of support we have seen in our new Creative Couch!  We are extremely grateful for the interest and excitement our customers have shown us during this launch.

Since we now have a better understanding of the demand for this product, we will be spending a few weeks hiring, training, and reorganizing our supply chain so we can create a larger number of these couches throughout 2021.

Orders can still be places during this time, but due to this restructuring I am moving our delivery dates on all new orders to be early February 2021.   At that time and anytime after we aim to keep our turnaround to a maximum of 2 weeks.

If you have an active order already placed,  know that we are not delaying it’s production and we will get it to you as soon as possible.

Again, a huge thankyou for the support during this time!

Michael Bortolin
The Foam Shop
General Manager

We would love your feedback!

Great product

5.0 rating
January 9, 2021

We bought it for our three kids for Christmas and they love it. They make obstacle courses out of the pieces and it gives them hours of fun to play together. I would recommend to everybody.

Cam McKenzie

10 Stars though

5.0 rating
January 7, 2021

Me to my son: They asked if we like it, do you like it?
son: I like it
me: would you give it 5 stars?
son: 10 stars
me: the score is out of 5
son: it makes cool forts, so10 stars.
me: ok fair… I’ll see what I can do?


New Family Pet

5.0 rating
December 29, 2020

My daughter built something that in her mind looked like a unicorn with the wedge and two arms. She named it and built a small house for it and rode it all day. The fact that I am able to type that sentence gets an automatic 5 stars.



5.0 rating
December 28, 2020

-I think- I was the first customer of this product and I am so happy I got it. My kids love it. They quickly made their own happy place with their own favorite forts and structures, which has left me and my sofa cushions (here is a novel idea) on the sofa

Angie M