care-mattressWhen you purchase one of The Foam Shop®’s high-quality mattresses you want it to be comfortable for many years. We do too, which is why we spend so much time and effort on quality control for our products and back all mattresses with our RestAssured Warranty.  It’s also why we offer you the following tips on how to extend the life and comfort of your mattress:

Use a proper mattress foundation – A solid and supportive foundation allows your mattress to support you the way it was designed. A sagging foundation will reduce your mattress’ life by putting extra stress on key areas, causing the supports to stretch or compress in as they compensate for the sagging structure underneath.

A proper foundation will also offer an open, breathable structure to support the temperature control function that our high-quality foam offers. The Foam Shop mattress is a very breathable product, allowing air in and out every time it’s squeezed. That air needs to have somewhere to go in order to regulate your temperature, which is why your foundation needs open spaces to allow airflow.

Finally, a proper mattress foundation will minimize motion transfer between you and your partner.  A mattress foundation with moving parts will more easily transfer your motion and disturb your partner.

Check out our recommended support systems for your foam mattress.

TIP: If your mattress foundation has wooden or metal slats, space them with a 2- to 3-inch gap between slats. If your foundation has a fabric cover, vacuum its surface every 6 to 8 months to ensure the fabric remains clean and breathable.

Use a Mattress protector – The best way to avoid any major damage to your mattress is to invest in a quality mattress protector. There are two main styles of mattress protectors available – quilted basics, and medical/waterproof.  They are designed to keep your mattress clean, and protect it against spills.  Check out our top mattress protectors here.

Rotate your mattress regularly – not only do we use the most comfortable foams available, but every mattress we sell is fully flippable, meaning you can extend the life of it by rotating it regularly to ensure even wear.


3 months 6 months 9 months

12 months

Each Year after purchase:

Rotate head to toe Flip over Rotate head to toe Flip over

Rotating your mattress:

i) Clear as much space as your room will allow for you to move the mattress.

iii) Stand on the left or right side of the bed (not the head or foot).

iv) Pick up one edge of the mattress

v) Walk around the foot of the bed to the other side of the mattress, spinning the mattress as you move.

vi) Once you are on the other side of the mattress, lower the side down to the foundation.

Flipping your mattress:

TIP: For safety reasons, we recommend you always flip your mattress using at least two people. If you do need to flip your mattress on your own – the following technique is suggested

i) Clear as much space as your room will allow for you to move the mattress.

ii) Remove any bedding, sheets, or mattress toppers from your bed.

iii) Stand on the left or right side of the bed (not the head or foot).

iv) Pick up one edge of the mattress and drag it off the foundation as far as your room will allow.

v) Lift the edge up and walk around the foot of the bed while holding the mattress upright.

vi) Once you are on the other side of the bed, lower the mattress down to the foundation.

vii) If you have a mattress topper, flip the topper and place it back on top of your bed.

viii) Redress your bed with your mattress protector and sheets.

Clean your mattress regularly – even if you follow a regular cleaning schedule of top-linens, and use a mattress protector, you’ll still need to clean your mattress cover. For regular wear and tear, dust or minimal dirt, we recommend you vacuum your mattress annually. In the case of a spill or stubborn stain, you should unzip the mattress cover and wash it accordingly. Wash in cold water only and hang to dry, as you don’t want to shrink the cover.

TIP: Most mattress covers are sewn directly onto the mattress, making it impossible to wash them properly if anything is ever spilled onto the mattress. At The Foam Shop, all of our mattress covers have a three-sided zipper, making for easy removal and washing.