Bed Wedge – Elevated Sleeping Support

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The Foam Shop’s Wedge pillows are your one stop shop to an elevated sleep position. Made in our comfortable Classic Medium, and available in a variety of elevations, you are sure to be able to find the right comfort fit for your body.

Our bed wedge pillows come with a fitted zippered polycotton cover, removable for washing.

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Proper Positioning

The Body Wedge is designed for back sleepers. Make sure you have the full length of your back positioned on the wedge, so that you comfortably bend at the hips. Laying too low on the wedge will result in unnecessary pressure on your back.

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Bed Wedge – Elevated Sleeping Support

Bed Wedge supports have a number of applications but are all aiming for the same result, a more comfortable night’s rest for the user. Using them can soothe the effects of acid reflux, improve circulation, fight sleep apnea, or simply achieve a more comfortable sleeping position. You can even elevate your legs while you sleep. The gradual incline allows for better back positioning—allowing relief from pain throughout the night.  If you require an elevated sleeping position due to digestive or circulation concerns, or just for comfort, the Bed Wedge will allow you to do achieve that sleep ideal sleep position comfortably.

Selecting the Right Size
The required size is often determined by the reason for purchasing your wedge in the first place. The size is often prescribed or advised by your physiotherapist or physician. However, if you are unsure, we recommend the 10 inch height, as it is our most popular size, due to its ability to offer the proper solution to the widest range of concerns.  Choosing as little as a 6-inch elevation can help provide relief from GERD, acid reflux, or sleep apnea.   Whereas, a 12-inch elevation is often ideal for those who are looking to mitigate the pain caused by an injury, or those who are dealing with circulation concerns.

Best Bed Wedge Pillow Uses
Most people start their search for bed wedge pillows after a doctor has told them to look for a bed wedge—or foam incline wedge as they are also known—to ease the symptoms from ailments. They have proven to be an effective solution for many suffering when they lie down to go to sleep. Discover some of the most common uses of a triangle pillow by continuing to read below.

Top Reasons to Use Wedge Pillows for Sleep

Bed Wedge for Acid Reflux & GERD
There’s nothing worse for chronic sufferers of acid reflux and GERD than when it is time for bed. The reason is because lying prone on a traditional pillow can cause stomach acid to leak from the gut into the esophagus, which causes a lot of pain. With a bed wedge pillow, the user’s elevated position eliminates leaking of acid making it a lot easier to sleep throughout the night.

Incline Wedge for Sleep Apnea
There are three types of sleep apnea; obstructive, central, and complex syndrome. All three are potentially serious sleeping disorders that causes breathing to repeatedly stop and start throughout the night. Signs of sleep apnea can be loud snoring, gasping for air in the night, and awakening with a dry mouth. Sleep apnea sufferers can find wedge positioning pillows are an effective treatment that is less intrusive than other treatments like CPAP machines. The reason why they are effective is because of the inclined positioning helping stop the airway from collapsing.

Other Uses for Wedge Pillows for Sleep

Wedge Pillow for Snoring
Snoring doesn’t just affect the sleep of those around the snorer, it can greatly impact the snorer’s sleep as well; stopping proper cycling through sleep cycles including REM sleep. Much like sufferers of sleep apnea, the inclined pillow positioning stops any potential obstruction of the sleeper’s airway caused by gravity.

Incline Wedge for Pain – Back and Lower Body
When you’re laying flat, gravity is pushing down on your body and therefore on your spine. Sleepers often find that an incline wedge emulates the position of elevated feet. Many use wedge pillows to mimic the effects of an inversion table by using it under your legs while laying flat. Sufferers might also consider a knee bolster for around the house relief of their back and lower body pain.

Pregnancy Wedge Pillows
Bed wedges also work for use as a pregnancy wedge pillow. These pregnancy pillows are especially effective for later-term pregnancies. The elevated position takes pressure off of sore spots as well as the baby bump itself.

Looking for nighttime relief from what ails you? Shop the best bed wedges and other medical foam supports now.

Additional information

Packaged Dimensions

24x24x (6,8,10, or 12 tall)

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Core Material

Classic Medium

Fabric Options

Various Polycoton


Zippered cover





Life Expectancy

Varies on usage

2 reviews for Bed Wedge – Elevated Sleeping Support

  1. Rachel

    Great for babies
    This is my second pregnancy that I have been using this wedge. It is really helpful during the later months where every position is only comfortable for a short time. It helps me lay up or sit up in bed, and when I’m not using it, my kids love to play with it.

  2. Ken O.

    Took away my heartburn

  3. The Foam Shop

    Glad to hear it Ken!

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