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The Foam Shop’s Travel Mattresses are the most comfortable, and longest lasting tri-fold travel mattress available. Read more…

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The Foam Shop’s Travel Mattresses are the most comfortable, and longest lasting tri-fold travel mattress available. Made in house in our high quality nylon fabric selections, and filled with our very own high density foams, these outdoor foam mattresses for sale have what it takes to go the distance, and keep you comfortable while doing it. The nylon finish adds a layer of moisture and spill resistance, and the bed is easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

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Foldable Outdoor Travel Mattresses

Avoid ever having to blow up an air mattress ever again because of the best outdoor travel mattresses for sale. Whether you’re planning to use a foam mattress for camping (or lounging in the garden) the easily stored mattress is convenient and fully transportable. Reviewers have noted that they have the perfect balance of firmness and softness. Importantly, enjoy having the peace of mind knowing they are water resistant if it starts raining.  These easy-to-travel mattresses make it easy storing them away for Winter or putting them into your tent or trailer. They are a comfortable solution for those looking for a mattress for special nights out like going to the Drive In Theater. Furthermore, the high-density foam means that you will sleep comfortably for many years to come.

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Additional information

Packaged Dimensions

12x39x26, 12x54x26

Finished Size

4x27x74, 4x39x74, 4x48x74, 4x54x74



Core Material

Classic Medium, Royal Firm

Fabric Options

Upholstery Nylon


Easy to carry handle, tough nylon shell, weather resistant, easy to clean


1.2lb, 2.0lb



Life Expectancy

Varies on usage

4 reviews for Travel Bed Outdoor

  1. Becky

    Very comfortable
    I bought one for my husband this summer for our camping trips. He is heavier and has never had a great sleep on air mattresses It was a MISTAKE. We spent the evenings fighting over who got to sleep on the foam. Its more expensive than you might pay for an airmattress, but the quality is certainly there, and its wayyyyy more comfortable. No regrets.

  2. Will B.

    Love it
    Very comfy.

  3. Eric B.

    Perfect fit
    The 3/4 size fits perfectly in the back of my pickup. Folds up near the front for storage and flips out as a bed covering the bed of the truck. Nice design.

  4. Brandon

    I bought a 3/4 size for the back of my Minivan and it fits perfectly inside for my one night sleep when I visit my brother in the big city because his tiny apartment is too small for me to sleepover. I just don’t recommend sleeping in the Minivan during summer.

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